Sunday, 4 December 2011

Join the spectrum

In order to get more fully involved in my collaborative effort, Spectrum, I will be making that site my first port of call for film reviews and thoughts from now on. You Killed the Car will still be updated, but will usually pay host to reviews for films that one of my cohorts may have already called dibs on back over at Spectrum.

I'm not sure how many regular readers I have these days as I know things have dropped off the past few months. However, if you're still around and enjoy my work, PLEASE do come and have a gander at Spectrum. I've got reviews for Hugo and The Awakening up, whilst pal Nick has his own take on Tintin, as well as We Need to Talk About Kevin, Take Shelter and David Lynch's new album Crazy Clown Time. My top 10 films for 2011 will be discussed with Nick's choices on the site, offering something a bit different to the usual linear listing. It should be good, so come and check it out!